Thursday, June 30, 2011

Chug Interviews

The Giborei girls interviewed some of the chugs that interested them the most (besides blogging of course!) They asked some good questions for other campers and chug teachers. Here are some of the main questions they asked from each chug:

Omanut (Arts and Crafts):
Shira: What is your favorite part of Jewelry?
Talya: Making bracelets and other things.

Elana: What is the one thing everyone looks foward to in your chug?
Violet: Going home with cool jewelry.

Rebecca: Do you like ceramics?
Elana: Oh yea, it's really fun.

Elana: What do you enjoy about art?
Tina: Art is important because it helps people to relax. You focus on the art, not other problems.

Bishul (Cooking):
Allie: What is your favorite thing to make in cooking?
Talya: I like making rugelach.

Shira: What is the thing that everyone likes in cooking?
Marcy (cooking specialist): Eating!

Zoe: What is your favorite meal to cook?
Talya: Breakfast.

Elana: What are your favorite parts of cooking?
Marcy: Gathering the ingredients, cooking, mixing, and chopping.

Teva (Outdoors):
Shira: What are you going to plant in the organic garden?
Eliyhu (gardening specialist): Tomatoes, green beans, basil, lettuce, and herbs.

Allie: What are you working on right now?
Jacob: We are putting compost on the soil before we start planting.

Shira: Will the food you grow be used for cooking?
Eliyhu: It will probably be used for chug bishul.

Zoe: Were you scared the first time you went on the ropes course?
Luis (ropes course specialist): The first time I was extremely scared, and I still am!
Rebecca: What kind of equipment do you guys use for the ropes course?
Luis: We use lobster claws which keep the rope tight on the course.

                                                                   Photo by Elana T.
The girls got a really good sense of what some of the other chugs are about, and we even got to watch some Adat Shalomers navigate the ropes course!

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