Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sha-Sha-Shabbat Shalom!

On Friday I really like being with all my friends and praying with the whole camp. I also like seeing the whole camp singing and dancing. Before we went to pray our rosh Tamar told us a story. It was so fun. One of my counselors taught the whole edah a song. We all went to pray and we held hands. After praying we went to eat. -Shira R.

The only thing I liked about Shabbat was the yummy food. I really liked the chicken, broccoli, and noodle soup, yum! -Elana T.

I liked getting my Shabbat-o-gram because in the beginning I didn't know that we were getting anything but then my counselor Emily handed me a plastic popcorn container with a little note about myself. They call me the dancing queen. Inside the popcorn thing there was about eight pieces of candy. It was great.  -Zoe N.

Yesterday and the night before was shabbat. I took a shower and got dressed in nice clothes. The prayers were long, but dinner was really good. -Rebecca I.

Shabbat was really good this week. The food we had on Friday night was the best part. The soup was really good. I also liked going to the service because it was fun. I really liked just getting the chance to rest. Also, Havdallah was nice and so was all the free time. Me and three of my friends went to the Whizin field and went grass boarding. It was fun. -Allie B.


  1. We love all the great comments and glad all of the bloggers are enjoying Ramah and letting the world know it too.

  2. This is such great blogging , keep it up girls. I feel like I am at the shabbath services myself. You talk about the food, prayers, your clothes.... love it! Please keep up the great job!