Friday, June 24, 2011

Favorite Parts of Camp So Far

Rebecca I:
So far, my favorite part of camp is the singing during meals. I also like menucha a lot because I can read during that time. Everything is so fun!

Elana T:
My favorite part of Ramah so far is everything. I want to try the ropes course.

Zoe N:
I have enjoyed Tarbut because it is Dance and I love to dance. I have learned three new Jewish dances so far.

Shira R:
At camp I like being with friends and my siblings. I also like all of the activities we have done. I also like to be with my counselors and people who know and care about me. I am looking foward to Shabbat because it is so nice to be together as a camp and with a bunch of people singing and saying prayers.

Allie B:
So far, I have enjoyed the food, my bunk, blogging my pals, and my counselors because they are nice. I also tried the mashed potatoes (they are heavenly!)

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