Sunday, June 26, 2011

Interview with Moshe Sharett

The Giborei girls had a practice interview with Moshe Sharett, the second prime minister of Israel. This interview helped the girls understand how it takes more than just asking questions to get more information. An interview also takes research (before and after). Research is important to verify information and get the best answers possible. 

Zoe: When and where were you born?

Moshe: October 15th, 1894; in the Kherson Russian Empire.

Allie: What declaration of Independence did you sign?

Moshe: The Israeli Declaration of Independence in 1948.

Shira: How many kids did you have?

Moshe: Three kids.

Elana: Did you ever move?

Moshe: Yes, I moved to Jaffa in 1910, and my family became one of the founding families of Tel Aviv. 

Rebecca: What job did you have?

Moshe: I was first the secretary of the Jewish Agencies Political Department until World War I. 

Zoe and Shira: What did you study?

Moshe: I studied law at Istanbul University, the same college that David Ben Gurion (Israel's first prime minister) attended. 

Although Moshe died in 1965 when he was 70 years old, he is still remembered by appearing on the 20 Israeli shekel banknote. Also, his son Yakov founded an institute to remember his heritage. 

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